Monday, September 12, 2011


Today, at Zupas, someone told me I had a great smile.
Thank you, random fellow, you made my day!
Can't blog for long, I think I'm going to be coerced into making carmeled popcorn any time now . . . That's a regular occurrence at this house!
Man, I just drank so much water my stomach hurts.
Did you know that excessive thirst is a sign of diabetes? Makes me nervous. Fortunately my family does not have a history of diabetes so I'm probably safe. Just a hypochondriac. I should go get tested to put my mind at ease, but in order to do that I'd have to admit to my hypochondria and I have too much pride for that.
Give it a few more months.
So . . .
I've decided I need to start regularly running again. Sigh. So I've got a goal of four miles before work for this week. Don't worry--I'll build again. But that's an easy target I know I can reach. I do get up every morning to exercise Payden now so I'm hoping it won't be that hard of a transition . . . I just really liked the feeling of being able to out-do anyone with my endurance! Gotta get it back!
I really wish I could go to work an hour later every day. It'd make things so much easier! Oh, well. I love my job anyway.
So . . . We are done!
Have a hysterically fantastic day!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Heavens to freaking betsy.

It's about time I restarted this whole blog-adventure thing. On a very positive note, of course. My last gazillion entries were so dreadfully depressing (we can blame that on David though).

So! What to talk about!

Pretty much my life is back to the normalosity that was was last year, except for my itsy toy poodle (Payden). He is currently teaching me to consistantly wake up at five again and go running. If I fail, he progressively destroys anything and everything I own. On the flip side, if I do manage to drag myself into the cold morning air, he pretty much sleeps the rest of the morning and afternoon until I get back from work and is sooo loving and cuddly at that point.

I exaggerate--he really is a very well behaving, adorable creature. And knows a few tricks. Come over and I'll show you! Plus toy poodles are the cutest things out there as long as you don't shave them. And smartest. And Payden's only 8 months and still has that crazy puppy energy goin' for him.


Facts and figures for the year . . .

I did have a picnic with a legit picnic basket (courtesy of MATT LAYTON).

I learned that cutting a dog's hair myself is not worth the money saved from not taking him to a pet salon.

$1650 buys a lot of food. Cater with Zupas!!! WOOHOO!

Avocado is still not tasty. Honey mustard I have repented of hating.

Cream-based soups still make me sick and dog food still smells like dog poop.

Also "denta-sticks," which are meant to clean a dog's teeth/mouth, smell even more like feces. What's with that??

Church still makes me sleepy (sorry, can't be perfect!) and reading still makes me hungry. Weird, I know.

So I'm on this weird elimination diet for my allergies. Basically I can't eat anything (we'll leave it at that), which means I never cook anymore. Which means my basement kitchen here is NEVER used. Apparently this is not good.

That space is clean, due to my OCDness and the lack of use, but except for an occasional wipe-down, it doesn't get touched. So yesterday I tried to get a glass of water from that sink and guess what!

A spider web was actually blocked the water from going down the drain!

That is also an exteme exaggeration, but let me continue . . .

It was pretty cool. The web was thick and well enough weaved that it really was slowing the water a bit and I couldn't break the strands by dumping glassfuls on it. Eventually I wiped it away with my hand, and this ginormous spider came sneaking out! I did just wash him down the drain though, and then turn on the disposal.

I'm cruel, I know. If it would have been a beetle . . . (refer to entry entitled "entomology rescue").

Anyway . . . This computer is giving me a headache. I really hate having crappy eyes!