Monday, September 12, 2011


Today, at Zupas, someone told me I had a great smile.
Thank you, random fellow, you made my day!
Can't blog for long, I think I'm going to be coerced into making carmeled popcorn any time now . . . That's a regular occurrence at this house!
Man, I just drank so much water my stomach hurts.
Did you know that excessive thirst is a sign of diabetes? Makes me nervous. Fortunately my family does not have a history of diabetes so I'm probably safe. Just a hypochondriac. I should go get tested to put my mind at ease, but in order to do that I'd have to admit to my hypochondria and I have too much pride for that.
Give it a few more months.
So . . .
I've decided I need to start regularly running again. Sigh. So I've got a goal of four miles before work for this week. Don't worry--I'll build again. But that's an easy target I know I can reach. I do get up every morning to exercise Payden now so I'm hoping it won't be that hard of a transition . . . I just really liked the feeling of being able to out-do anyone with my endurance! Gotta get it back!
I really wish I could go to work an hour later every day. It'd make things so much easier! Oh, well. I love my job anyway.
So . . . We are done!
Have a hysterically fantastic day!

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