Sunday, June 27, 2010


Upon reflection of the last few months of my life, I have decided it might benefit my readers if I were to share some of the nuggets of wisdom I have recently gleaned:

Boys don't always eat double the quantity of food that girls eat. The quality, however, is usually different.

Drinking dirty tasting water = massive headache.

There is not way to make fluffy oatmeal cookies.

Having more than multiple big goal will ensure failure of inadequate accomplishment of at least one of them.

Facebook is a great tool to help you get even more behind with obligations in the most amount of time possible. Even when you only log on to reply to necessary messages.

Eggs actually taste good when cooked correctly.

People cook eggs with butter.

Brownies from scratch are simply not as scrumptious as the packaged kind. Unless anybody has an amazing recipe they'd like to post for me here!

Diamonds are not impervious to dirt.

Now just a fact I'll like to share: I'd rather die than ever get a good whiff of sulfur again. David and I hiked to these hot springs yesterday intending to swim . . . but I was having trouble just standing by them. GACK!

Leave me some comments with tidbits of wisdom (both serious and funny) you've figured out over the course of your life!

I LOVE YOU (most likely)!

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