Saturday, June 26, 2010


I am soooo sorry I have no blogged in sooo long. I've been busy! Really!

So I got into an accident a few weeks ago. All because of a pickle-eating-chum-bucket man named Max.

At least, it makes sense to me that it's his fault. Nobody else seems to really agree.

Here's what happened:

I applied for a job as a content writer for some business and get an email a few days later from a fellow named Max saying he'd like to interview me. He says he would have called me, except he couldn't find my phone number on my resume. I thought that was awfully strange so I pull up my resume and . . . yup! There it is! Plain as day on the top of the page. But whatever.

I didn't call him (didn't even look at his email) for a few days because I was seriously ill. When I did eventually call, we set up a time to interview. At ten fifteen one morning. I had to be at work at eleven and this interview was twenty minutes away. So I drive clear down there and guess what?

I can't find him anywhere. I try to call him, but he doesn't answer the phone. After a while, I give up--feeling quite irate. I start driving home. On my way home, I realize I don't have time to get all the way home and then all the way to work so I just start heading to work and be there early.

As I'm turning left on an intersection, this guy hits me!

Let me clarify the situation . . .

It was a two lane left turning dealio. I was in the outside turning lane. He was on the inside. While we turn he decides he doesn't want to be on the inside and swings into my lane. But I'm not behind him. I'm right next to him. I tried to scoot over, but I couldn't go onto the last lane because there were cars there turning right. Sheesh!

We pull over, I freak out, he says not to worry because he's going to take full responsibility. I call my dad, who gets there at the tail end . . . I think I made the guy feel really bad because I was BAWLING.

Then the guy that hits me tells me he just got laid off. I felt kinda bad.

But back to MAX!

If Max had not called me for that gosh dang stupid interview and then not shown up, I never would have been in that intersection at that time so it's all his fault!!

P.S. Later Max called me to say 'did I miss the time that you were supposed to be here?' Loser. He didn't even acknowledge that he missed my calls.


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