Monday, September 20, 2010


Someone shoot me!

No, please don't, I actually wouldn't appreciate that one smidgit.

I have nothing to do.

I'm not the kind of person who enjoys down time. Even for a day. Maybe ten minutes is okay.

But really? I like the whole I have two hours to go and be back from the gym, an hour to get ready and eat, be at work fifteen minutes after that, after work have to go grocery shopping . . . etc. I mean, after a busy day watch a movie or something, but alone?? Heck no. KILL ME PLEASE!

I'm so bored.

Yes, yes: me, me, me, I'm, I and all those other self words I tend to use so much. I'm so terribly selfish.

I have learned a very important lesson! Heed well my words, oh thee of . . . pure intent!

Couldn't think of anything cooler.

This is a very important principle! One I think (there's the "I" again! So sorry!) IMPERTINENT for everyone to be aware of!

Here it is . . .

When you hear/read/sniff/catch wind of/assume is inferred the words "BE HONEST," do not for one moment think you understand what they mean! For the phrase "BE HONEST" does in fact NOT mean the spewer of these words wants you to (heaven forbid!) tell the TRUTH (except in very rare cases).

You're a stupid face if you even THOUGHT along those lines! (Don't worry, I'm a stupid face too. Oops--again with the "I'm!" Selfish, selfish Cassi!)

"BE HONEST" actually means "I want to give you a lecture and feel high and mighty about myself. Please grovel, agree with everything I say, and we with both put on false smiles, hiding our feelings for later. This way, years down the road, we will have something to talk/argue about!"

Makes perfect sense for all you SANE people out there.





Don't ask people for honesty and then be angry when you receive it!

It is my personal, newly acquired belief that there simply some people in the world who enjoy the feelings of anger coming over them in a fight. After all--nothing bonds people together better than a common enemy!

Although I would like to suggest to all my readers out there . . .

When you decide to be angry at someone, first of four little letters: WWJD.

If that doesn't immediately pacify you, you are of the devil!


But seriously, before you decide to go out of your way to make another person's life difficult (yes, gossipping counts as going out of your way), try to put yourself in their shoes. What could they have been thinking when they did the atrocity that so infuriates you? What is their reasoning or motivation? Is there a reason? If the answer is no, then they are either a stupid person or had a stupid moment. Give them a break! If the answer is yes, why not attempt to discover said reasoning and try to relate? Maybe you can end up loving each other.

Also, I believe there are certain instances when, if a person has made you angry, you should simply forgive and forget. Not shelf it for later hashing.

Like . . . someone who's mom just died should be cut a break for egging your house. Or someone who's under a lot of stress from a recent move. Or a lot of other things.

Anyway, rambling! Need chocolate.

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  1. Part of your upbringing, I guess. Your father and most other Portuguese are bluntly honest, but at least you always know where they are coming from. Most Americans learn to be a little more, well, if not stretchers of the truth, then at least tactful and vague enough so the person asking you to be honest THINKS you're agreeing with them even when you aren't. Strange world.

    I take some partial credit. I've always tried to be strictly honest with you. Remember when you once asked me if a certain blouse looked good on you and I said it made you look, well, like you were expecting? But someone else had told you it was wonderful, so either they wanted you to look chubby or they were not being honest. Goodness, it was a maternity outfit! Or could have been.

    Of course perceptions are different for everyone. It stinks what happened, but you will have to turn the other cheek as the Savior taught and remember this lesson for the future. When this person asks you to be honest in the future say, "Uh, no. I'd rather not." That way they won't be able to use your words to cause problems.

    Keep in mind that generally when people cause problems such as in your situation, they often do so from a sense of inferiority or fear of losing their place. When it comes to family, you simply have to forgive and go on, remembering the lesson for next time.

    Good luck!

    PS. I want you to keep being honest with me, unless I gain weight!