Friday, September 10, 2010

I Am So Sad

For once, my title is going to correlate to my entry.

UMKC no longer offers a musical theater degree.

I don't know what I'm going to do.

I feel like my whole world kind of just came to a standstill. I was doing so well: I got the apartment all unpacked, spent hours scrubbing every surface in the area . . . I mean, you could lick my toilet and it's probably cleaner than our dishes. I was loving it. I even finished all my thank-you letters.

Now . . . there's all this drama going on and even with that I was peachy and happier than two peas in a pod because I was here . . .

I've been communicating with the school about the musical theater degree and they just emailed me to let me know that as of LAST WEEK they did away with the degree. They have music or theater. It's impossible for me to do musical theater.

It's hard to explain . .

I dance.

But I'm not a dancer.

I sing.

But I'm not a singer.

I act.

And I am definitely one of the best actresses out there. But it doesn't feel right without the other two. MUSICALS are my passion. I don't like regular theater. So I don't know what to do. I suppose I should start looking into other schools and see what my options are, but I'm just so depressed. I don't know if there is another school I can go to. Which means I can either settle for normal theater (which I don't think I can) or not go to school.

I'm going to go call my mom.

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  1. Hey Cassi!! This is Aunt Mary. I just got your blog off of face book.

    Don't give up your dream....NEVER!! I'll bet there is a school out there with a musical theater degree. I will help you look if you need it. I got married young. I was all signed up for school and then dropped it. I still haven't finished and I so wish I had. I love my life and family but there is something missing. Someday I'll finish that part of my life.

    Keep going! If you keep searching you'll find where you need to be and it'll be great and have your name all over it.

    Love ya,