Friday, March 26, 2010

I Hate Boys

The title says it all. Not that I'm saying I'm not ATTRACTED to boys. Heavens, I'm definitely the farthest away from being a lesbian as anyone could be, but all boys seem to either be either vividly unintelligent or socially awkward in quite an appalling manner.

Anyway. I am so sick of guys hitting on me. And not even doing it with any kind of class! They see my pretty face and don't care about anything else. . . the shallowness INFURIATES me. Disgusting. What's really sad is that this really is the world we live in today-- brains, wit, personality . . . they're not so important anymore. It's like all you need to succeed is to be slightly skinnier than is healthy, an oval face, and big eyes. Or something like that.

The strangest thing is . . . whenever I get some much-too-forward message on facebook, or a text, or some dude saying some shallow, complimentary bogus to my face, do I feel all fluttery and good inside? Flattered? No. I feel so ALONE. Who knows me around here? No one. I'm just that disgustingly pretty girl on the top floor. That's ALL. Not the nice girl who likes to cook. Or . . . well, anything. Basically. I'm trying to say that everyone just knows me for my looks. And no one WANTS to know me for anything else. Tonight is just one of those nights when the reality of everything just hits me and . . . well I don't really know where I was going with that. I want to scream and cry and beat something all at the same time.

I miss being close to my friends and my family-- people who grew up with me before we all hit puberty and starting dating and all that jazz. And then moving on and away to college . . .

Anyway, this is a pointless post but some some odd reason after receiving another message from an idiot boy on facebook I felt awfully depressed and wanted to write something about how I was feeling. So there.

Peace out.


  1. Dear SecretEmotion,

    After reading your post, I felt compelled to tell you that you seem like an outstanding girl. You have your priorities in line, treat people respectfully, and expect the same kind of treatment in return.

    The truth about guys is that they are idiots. This is partly because all guys are a little dumb and also because popular culture seems to encourage this "mack-daddy" kind of mentality. I'm sorry you are hurt by these things. Some guy will be very lucky one day to get a girl like you!

    Chin up!

  2. Yep, sounds to me like you have your priorities right; you'll make it just fine.