Sunday, March 21, 2010

Me, Myself, and I

Hello! My name is Cassi Marie. Here's a basic synopsis of where I'm at in life: I'm going to college for musical theater, I live in the dorm-style apartments on campus and I have no roommate (Yeeees!). I'm 18, credit-wise a sophomore, have 2 sisters and 3 brothers . . . Okay, that's all I feel like writing about myself today.

I decided to start a blog because I am sick of the cramps in my hand from writing in my diary but I do want some way to record my thoughts and feelings every once in a while. So I shall simply print out these blog entries and tape them hapharzardly into my diary. Viola!

Yeah, I know, I'm not very funny. I have a two page paper and a research paper I should be working on at the moment but . . .

I love my life! I have an amazing family, I love school, my health is perfect, the days are getting warmer!

Almost burst out into song there . . .

Today . . . nothing blog worthy happened. Or even diary worthy for that matter. I have quite a headache though. A friend of mine told me that she never has never had a headache before in her life. She gets jawaches instead. Because she holds all her tension in her jaw. Or something to that effect. Anyhow, at first I was thinking that sounded awfully lucky but now I can't decide which I would prefer-- an horrid headache or a jealous jaw.

Okay, that sounded stupid. I was trying to use alliteration. Couldn't think of another negative 'j' word.

Anyhow, I've had enough typing for one day.

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  1. You may not think you're funny but you made me laugh and that is always appreciated. Thanks.