Sunday, March 28, 2010


Since my last entry was so depressing, I decided today I'd write about something I LOVE.

I love oatmeal! Everything is better with oatmeal. Oatmeal is better with oatmeal, cookies are better with oatmeal . . . that's all I can think of right now.

And that's all I have to say about oatmeal!

Alright. So todaaaay . . . I woke up, did my hair for the first time in weeks, went to church, did NOT fall asleep, was forced to announce my 'engagement' in Relief Society, came home, went to lunch, watched Princess and the Frog, chilled in the lobbing talking to the girls on my hall about boys, went to dinner, made healthy brownies, made unhealthy brownies, made cookies, washed dishes, and sat to write in this blog.

Now, to elaborate: it is awfully awkward to tell people about my engagement because I'm not engaged. I'm just getting married next June. But I'm not engaged. Yes, you read that right. But how do I explain this to people? Psht. Next thing: the healthy brownies were gross. I threw the batter away without cooking it. The normal, unhealthy brownies were gross too. I threw those away after cooking them. Then I made cookies to give to the girls as a peace offering since I had promised brownies and now could not deliver.

This brownie conundrum has put me in quite a foul mood. Seriously. I've never had trouble cooking something before! I just look at a bazillion recipes and then make up my own after I understand the have-to-haves of whatever I'm making. I've made, like, everything on the face of this planet. Except brownies from scratch. Now I think I'll stick with the junk in the package. No. Actually, I will just never make brownies again and stick with my celery. Ants on a log. Mmmm. What did I do wrong to make such a rancid sweet?? I might never know!


Aaaalrighy! What else to write about?

Oh, yes! I LOVE Princess and the Frog!!

And I love country music! It makes me smile.

My goal is to now think of something incredibly witty to capture the most intellectual of audiences and thus cause everyone to become vividly emamoured with any subsequential blog entries I may post. Then I'll win some award (for the blog entries, of course) and become a multi-millionaire.

What the freaking crap did I do wrong with those brownies??

Okay. Definitely enough of this.


  1. Ahahahah I love how your mind works to write this stuff! It is random/sporadic/awesome...

    I like box brownies.. TBH I have not tried them from scratch (bizarre because I am taking baking in college in the Fall)... maybe if you simply followed on recipe instead of taking all the parts and making your own recipe?

    My ex was one of the amimators for the princess and the frog, I have yet to see it... But I probably should :P

    Why are you not just engaged?

  2. I'm not exactly engaged because although we've kinda figured out when we're getting married and all he hasn't officially asked. He will soon :).

    Woooow! You're dating some upper class fellows, huh? That's way cool! My finance-ish is. . . a dental student. Haha.

    Anyway, thank you for commenting! I love reading your blog! Have a great day!