Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dearest, Darlingest

I SHOULD be doing homework. And I need to call my mom. And put some clothes on. But what they hey!

I was startled awake about an hour ago with a phone call. Definitely a good thing otherwise I probably would have slept clear until my class as three instead of just eleven. After we talked for a while I found myself reading random blogs and eating cookie dough. I LOVE COOKIE DOUGH!

This week was amazing!

Alright . . . I wrote the above about twelve hours ago and then decided that yes. I did need to be doing homework. So I saved it in a draft and went running. So much for homework.

I am exhausted!

The purpose of this blog was for me to be able to keep an incognito online diary. But I'm so sick of not using names. The gloves come off! I am no longer anonymous.

Enough for tonight. I have more to write but that'll come tomorrow. Entries that are too long will lose reader's attention. Especially when they are as dreadfully unamusing as this one is. However, it is awfully late and my attention is waning so I must go . . .

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