Wednesday, April 7, 2010

An Odd Fascination

Hello sunshine, the earth says hello!

Not really. It doesn't like you that much.

My blog entry today will be about different styles of kissing.

My good friend Miranda told me once that there are three different types of kissers: lippers, biters, and tonguers. And then I just decided to add 'slobberers.' This was not previously on the list because I had believe that this was the way ALL guys kissed. Well, and girls. Having never kissed a girl I wouldn't know exactly how that would go down. Granted, I haven't kissed many guys, but in my select experience I have always had to WIPE MY MOUTH because they couldn't keep their nasty saliva to themselves. Now, maybe this is just my extreme OCD neatness kicking in but I think that's just gross. As a result, I have never enjoyed kissing. Ew. My girl friends used to always joke that I'd be the type of person who got married and practiced abstinence my whole life because I was too grossed out by the 's' word. My guy friends said that I'd just never kissed a good kisser. Typical guy thing to say.


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