Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lazy Cakes

It is time for another one of my stunningly entertaining blog entries!


Anyhow, today I decided to start packing--spending maybe an hour on the task just to kick it off to a good start. Five hours later I am not only all the way packed, but have scoured every little minuscule speck of dirty out of every secretive little corner in this room.

Moving the mattresses and bed frames? Serious arm and abs work out ;P.

I know I'll have to vacuum again before I actually get to leave next week but I'm trying to avoid it at all costs.

I own so little! Heavens!

On to something entertaining . . . There's a new Office episode tomorrow!! Totally going to make my week!

Gosh . . . I have had a terribly boring week.

I decidedly am obsessed with Lost. Along with the Office.

I love Dairy Queen ice cream. I hope they are around in heaven ;P.

Tsk, tsk. Let us all hope something earth shattering happens to me tomorrow for me to write on. I can't disappoint my plethora of readers another time (again--haha)!

*static, static, buzz*

Cassi Marie out!

*static, buzz, static*

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