Friday, April 30, 2010

ZzzzZzZZZZzz . . .??

I need SLEEP!

Unfortunately I happen to be one of those messed up people who struggle each and every night at drifting away into sweet, unconscious bliss.

Sigh . . .

School is out for the summer! First year of college . . . OVER! Woohoo!!

Today I spend up towards five or six hours cleaning and moving back into my room and connected bathroom at home. Pretty spiffy. Even smells like disinfectant in here. Some corners were kinda sick--even found ants at one point. Groooooss.

I love cookies.

My daddy makes chocolate chip cookies every Sunday after church and I'm pretty psyched for this Sunday. Been a few weeks ;).

Woooow, so I totally felt like super woman when moving out yesterday. Well, technically two days ago since it's now 2 in the morning. But anyhow . . .

I moved all my possessions down two flights of stairs completely BY MYSELF. And some of those boxes/bags weighed over double my weight, I swear. My dad was impressed when he got there and there everything was: waiting ten steps away from where he parked the car.

Okay, ten steps is an exaggeration, but it was close. As close as I could have guessed at.

P.S. The girls in my hall did offer their services on several occasions, but I'm just real . . . snotty and hate people I'm not close to being in my space touching my stuff. I know it's not the same thing; it's all boxed up, but I still didn't want the help.

Gosh, I know this isn't really interesting, but I needed to do something to pass the time!

I do have more to write about all that happened to me today . . . but no one will read a blog entry that's too long so this is enough for now.

Goodbye, world.


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  1. Hey, this is Dave Sr. You did invite me to come and I did. I think this is pretty darn awesome! So, from St. Louis, we say...keep writing! I love it! Love your creativity!