Monday, April 12, 2010

I Apologize . . .

All in all, today was a pretty gosh darn boring day. I did get all the rest of my end-of-semester papers written . . . except one. Which I will finish up tomorrow. Then it's just coasting these last two weeks until semester ends.


The reason I have it so easy is because theater classes don't really do big, hard finals. They space all their 'hard' jazz throughout the semester. In a way this is GREAT, but it means that everybody else I know is totally bogged down with studying and I have NOTHING TO DO!

Except run everyday. And eat. And sleep. And breath. And, um, shower.

I'm exaggerating. I actually feel really relieved at having nothing to do! Which makes it sound like I'm usually super busy. Which is actually another untruth. Ah, well.

Right now I am going over my day, trying to pick apart something that would be interesting to write on.

Some of the girls on my hall are making a big collage of all of us living here as part of our end-of-semester bang. So they're walking around taking pictures of us in our element, doing all our own individual 'things' that we're known for.

Guess what they wanted me doing in my pictures?

They wanted one in my running get-up and one with me washing my pans. So I'm known as the running cook?

I am so EXCITED for summer! One, because excitement is customary at this time of year. Two, no more bloody papers. Three, I'll have a JOB again. And FOUR! It'll be WARM!

So from browsing other people's blogs, everyone seems to have a list of goals they want to accomplish before they are . I've decided I'm going to do that same thing. On my next entry. Just as a precursor, the list will NOT be in order of importance. Just in the order my brain puts them in.

Off to bed now . . .

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