Sunday, April 25, 2010


I have a nemesis.

She is approximately 12 years old, chubby, and has blond hair.

Remember those two little girls I mentioned in the Entomology Rescue entry?

Well. I ran into them again early Saturday afternoon on the track. That's literal. I almost took one out.

So there's two of these girls: one had dark hair and is tinier than a toothpick. She was wearing tank tops both times I saw her. I am going to call her Anna because she looks like an Anna. The other one is blond. She is really . . . heavy up top. But her legs are super skinny. She wears her jeans like a gangster guy (reallly saggin' down) and it looks like they're just to small for her to pull up to where they're supposed to be. She can't be more than twelve years old and she's already wearing vast amounts of crappily applied make up. It's easy to tell that she totally thinks she's 'all that' as she wants around with her chest stuck out, bossing tinsy little Anna around. I am calling her Nemesis.

I've never had a Nemesis before, this is slightly exciting!

So I'm running on the track and Nemesis decides it would be so funny to run in the opposite direction of everybody else! I mean--haha! What a riot! How could that NOT be funny?? Anna grabbed Nemesis's arm, attempting to rein in this blast of immature childishness but was quickly beaten down.

Of course, when Nemesis gets this run-in-the-wrong-direction-laughing-not-watching-where-she's-going idea I'm pretty close to her and Anna and she bloody barely misses being taken out by my super, high-speed running. Sigh, so annoying.

Anyway, I really shouldn't pick on her so much-she's just a kid-but I was never that misbehaved as a kid. Neither were any of my siblings.

Nemesis's next idea was to take off her flip-flops and try to peg the basketball players on the courts below the track with them. So she stood on the railing and threw her shoes at them. And then she threw Anna's shoes. I was planning to stop as I ran by and berate her for it but I think she read the expression on my face as I was getting closer and quickly ran off to get her shoes.

Nemesis and Anna left the court after that.

I swear I'm not picking on Nemesis just because she's chubby. But the fact that she so obviously hasn't been taught proper manners by her parents makes it easy to pick on her other faults.

There is no reason for a kid to be over weight. They're kids, for heaven's sake. They're metabolisms are in full gear and they should like to run around and play. If they're fat it's because:

A.) their parents let them watch television/play video games too extensively when they were young and so they have been taught it is the norm to sit on their butts all day. Or,

B.) their parents are too lazy to make healthy food and so the kids are given cake and cookies when they're hungry instead of real food. I mean, I'm not even saying you have to give your kids celery and raisins. Or spend two hours in the kitchen cooking before they come home from school. Just real food like . . . a PB&J sandwich. Even microwavable chicken nuggets. Anything except pre-packaged sugar crap!

And yeah, pre-packaged sugar crap is okay every once in a while. Just like having cookies and milk after school is okay every once in a while. But not every day!

Side note: this generation is so lazy!

My last final was today. I leave for home Wednesday! Woohoo!

I really love Lost as well. Just finished the second season today.

Anyhow . . . time to get off to bed. I love you world!

That's a lie. I only love some of the world. But I'm sure I'd love, or at least like, the rest of it if I only got to know it!

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