Thursday, April 8, 2010

Paranoia Towards Roses

Last night a terrible thing happened.

I had an allergy attack.

Doesn't that sound dreadfully dramatic? It was more like an allergy episode to be completely fair. I was awoken just a bit before noon (!!) with a phone call and my eyes were all swollen. The culprit is yet to be discovered. . .

Before I continue to lay out my suspicions for you regarding what caused this harrowing event, let me first say that I do not practice regularly waking up when half the day is already over. But I was up late. Reading blogs. Sheesh, it's addicting.

I was given roses which are in a vase in my room now. When I first awoke to the itchy agony I laid upon them the initial blame. I think that might fall in the category of 'paranoid' though.

So I will remain in the dark . . .

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