Friday, April 30, 2010

ZzzzZzZZZZzz . . .??

I need SLEEP!

Unfortunately I happen to be one of those messed up people who struggle each and every night at drifting away into sweet, unconscious bliss.

Sigh . . .

School is out for the summer! First year of college . . . OVER! Woohoo!!

Today I spend up towards five or six hours cleaning and moving back into my room and connected bathroom at home. Pretty spiffy. Even smells like disinfectant in here. Some corners were kinda sick--even found ants at one point. Groooooss.

I love cookies.

My daddy makes chocolate chip cookies every Sunday after church and I'm pretty psyched for this Sunday. Been a few weeks ;).

Woooow, so I totally felt like super woman when moving out yesterday. Well, technically two days ago since it's now 2 in the morning. But anyhow . . .

I moved all my possessions down two flights of stairs completely BY MYSELF. And some of those boxes/bags weighed over double my weight, I swear. My dad was impressed when he got there and there everything was: waiting ten steps away from where he parked the car.

Okay, ten steps is an exaggeration, but it was close. As close as I could have guessed at.

P.S. The girls in my hall did offer their services on several occasions, but I'm just real . . . snotty and hate people I'm not close to being in my space touching my stuff. I know it's not the same thing; it's all boxed up, but I still didn't want the help.

Gosh, I know this isn't really interesting, but I needed to do something to pass the time!

I do have more to write about all that happened to me today . . . but no one will read a blog entry that's too long so this is enough for now.

Goodbye, world.


Sunday, April 25, 2010


I have a nemesis.

She is approximately 12 years old, chubby, and has blond hair.

Remember those two little girls I mentioned in the Entomology Rescue entry?

Well. I ran into them again early Saturday afternoon on the track. That's literal. I almost took one out.

So there's two of these girls: one had dark hair and is tinier than a toothpick. She was wearing tank tops both times I saw her. I am going to call her Anna because she looks like an Anna. The other one is blond. She is really . . . heavy up top. But her legs are super skinny. She wears her jeans like a gangster guy (reallly saggin' down) and it looks like they're just to small for her to pull up to where they're supposed to be. She can't be more than twelve years old and she's already wearing vast amounts of crappily applied make up. It's easy to tell that she totally thinks she's 'all that' as she wants around with her chest stuck out, bossing tinsy little Anna around. I am calling her Nemesis.

I've never had a Nemesis before, this is slightly exciting!

So I'm running on the track and Nemesis decides it would be so funny to run in the opposite direction of everybody else! I mean--haha! What a riot! How could that NOT be funny?? Anna grabbed Nemesis's arm, attempting to rein in this blast of immature childishness but was quickly beaten down.

Of course, when Nemesis gets this run-in-the-wrong-direction-laughing-not-watching-where-she's-going idea I'm pretty close to her and Anna and she bloody barely misses being taken out by my super, high-speed running. Sigh, so annoying.

Anyway, I really shouldn't pick on her so much-she's just a kid-but I was never that misbehaved as a kid. Neither were any of my siblings.

Nemesis's next idea was to take off her flip-flops and try to peg the basketball players on the courts below the track with them. So she stood on the railing and threw her shoes at them. And then she threw Anna's shoes. I was planning to stop as I ran by and berate her for it but I think she read the expression on my face as I was getting closer and quickly ran off to get her shoes.

Nemesis and Anna left the court after that.

I swear I'm not picking on Nemesis just because she's chubby. But the fact that she so obviously hasn't been taught proper manners by her parents makes it easy to pick on her other faults.

There is no reason for a kid to be over weight. They're kids, for heaven's sake. They're metabolisms are in full gear and they should like to run around and play. If they're fat it's because:

A.) their parents let them watch television/play video games too extensively when they were young and so they have been taught it is the norm to sit on their butts all day. Or,

B.) their parents are too lazy to make healthy food and so the kids are given cake and cookies when they're hungry instead of real food. I mean, I'm not even saying you have to give your kids celery and raisins. Or spend two hours in the kitchen cooking before they come home from school. Just real food like . . . a PB&J sandwich. Even microwavable chicken nuggets. Anything except pre-packaged sugar crap!

And yeah, pre-packaged sugar crap is okay every once in a while. Just like having cookies and milk after school is okay every once in a while. But not every day!

Side note: this generation is so lazy!

My last final was today. I leave for home Wednesday! Woohoo!

I really love Lost as well. Just finished the second season today.

Anyhow . . . time to get off to bed. I love you world!

That's a lie. I only love some of the world. But I'm sure I'd love, or at least like, the rest of it if I only got to know it!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lazy Cakes

It is time for another one of my stunningly entertaining blog entries!


Anyhow, today I decided to start packing--spending maybe an hour on the task just to kick it off to a good start. Five hours later I am not only all the way packed, but have scoured every little minuscule speck of dirty out of every secretive little corner in this room.

Moving the mattresses and bed frames? Serious arm and abs work out ;P.

I know I'll have to vacuum again before I actually get to leave next week but I'm trying to avoid it at all costs.

I own so little! Heavens!

On to something entertaining . . . There's a new Office episode tomorrow!! Totally going to make my week!

Gosh . . . I have had a terribly boring week.

I decidedly am obsessed with Lost. Along with the Office.

I love Dairy Queen ice cream. I hope they are around in heaven ;P.

Tsk, tsk. Let us all hope something earth shattering happens to me tomorrow for me to write on. I can't disappoint my plethora of readers another time (again--haha)!

*static, static, buzz*

Cassi Marie out!

*static, buzz, static*

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Everything Is Better Mild

I have had a mildly frustrating day thus far.

That's pretty much all I had to say.

Transferring colleges is such . . .a pain. No one seems to know anything. No one is helpful. No one likes you! And why would they? They don't know you.

Psht. Sigh. I've done all I can today.

Two finals on Monday. One on Wednesday. One a week from Monday. Should be a breeze.


Lots of cleaning to do this week to move out.

Many people to call about work . . .


What do I want right now?

Not to sleep.

Not food.

I don't even know!

How terrible!

Off to run . . .

Monday, April 12, 2010

21 Before 21

Except for the first two things these are my 'fun' goals. I better print this out and stick it on my mirror otherwise I'll be scrambling the month before my 21st birthday (haha).

1. Get a dog. CHECK
2. House train that dog. CHECK
3. Plan and do a skit like 'Improv Everywhere.'
4. Direct a play.
5. Be in another play.
6. Run a marathon. CHECK
7. Play in a Missouri thunderstorm. CHECK
8. Slap someone as hard as I can. CHECK
9. Take self defense classes.
10. Learn a decent amount of ballroom dance. CHECK
11. Take and ace ballet II.
12. Start regularly volunteering.
13. Record a CD.
14. Finish my book.
15. Hug a complete stranger and pretend that I know them.
16. Think of a funny tradition to start with my future kids.
17. Pull an all-nighter. CHECK
18. Be able to do the splits.
19. Sleep outside without a tent.
20. Sleep in an igloo. CHECK
21. Go on a picnic with a real picnic basket. CHECK

I Apologize . . .

All in all, today was a pretty gosh darn boring day. I did get all the rest of my end-of-semester papers written . . . except one. Which I will finish up tomorrow. Then it's just coasting these last two weeks until semester ends.


The reason I have it so easy is because theater classes don't really do big, hard finals. They space all their 'hard' jazz throughout the semester. In a way this is GREAT, but it means that everybody else I know is totally bogged down with studying and I have NOTHING TO DO!

Except run everyday. And eat. And sleep. And breath. And, um, shower.

I'm exaggerating. I actually feel really relieved at having nothing to do! Which makes it sound like I'm usually super busy. Which is actually another untruth. Ah, well.

Right now I am going over my day, trying to pick apart something that would be interesting to write on.

Some of the girls on my hall are making a big collage of all of us living here as part of our end-of-semester bang. So they're walking around taking pictures of us in our element, doing all our own individual 'things' that we're known for.

Guess what they wanted me doing in my pictures?

They wanted one in my running get-up and one with me washing my pans. So I'm known as the running cook?

I am so EXCITED for summer! One, because excitement is customary at this time of year. Two, no more bloody papers. Three, I'll have a JOB again. And FOUR! It'll be WARM!

So from browsing other people's blogs, everyone seems to have a list of goals they want to accomplish before they are . I've decided I'm going to do that same thing. On my next entry. Just as a precursor, the list will NOT be in order of importance. Just in the order my brain puts them in.

Off to bed now . . .

Friday, April 9, 2010

Spontaneous Nose Bleeds

I never get nose bleeds.



I got a nose bleed Friday night.

It was for absolutely NO reason. Except that it's now officially (at least in my mind) allergy season and the world hates me. I was just washing my face and BAM. It happened.

No, I was not secretly picking my nose.

Entomology Rescue

Today all my core values regarding the sanctity of life were pulled into question.

As I was doing my customary 7 mile run on the monotonous track inside my school's P.E. building (10 laps equals a mile--gets awfully dull) I kept noticing a black spot. A particular, minuscule black spot. Right outside the last track line where it begins its first curve.

I feel obligated to remind all my many (ha) avid readers WHY it was so easy for me to notice a little black spot on the track floor as being out of place and new. You run seventy laps every day except Sunday in the same circle and you'll know every dirt speck around that circle too.

Back to my story . . . Eventually the irritating mystery of the black spot wore so much on my nerves that I actually had to stop to check out what it was. Any guesses?

A beetle stuck on its back.

I felt kinda bad for the poor thing so I tried to flip it right-side-up with my finger but it was waving those nasty legs in the air and I didn't want it latching onto my finger and crawling onto my hand. I'd probably freak out and flick it to tim-buck-two (however that's spelled).

Side note--bug legs look like eyelashes that have been cursed with disgustingness and come alive.

So I run down two flights of stairs off the track and to the girls locker room, grab my ID card from my bag, and run back to the track. Sliding the card oh-so carefully under the beetle-in-distress, I flip him over. Then I say, out loud (no joke), "you're welcome" and go to put my card away.

After running a few more miles I find myself alone on the track . . . that is, until two bratty little girls (12-ish years old) tromp in. Now, other people on my track do not irritate me. Unless they are not running/walking. There is NOTHING ELSE in that bloody room. You don't go there and stand in place. Especially not in my lane. Because then I have to run around you. And that, as my dear David would say, HACKS ME OFF!

Ah, hem. Anyway. Then these girls go over to the little weight shoulder machine (which is broken) near the corner of the track (also where the beetle I rescued was residing), tear the "do not move the equipment" sign off the wall, giggle, and run out.

Seriously, people. Teach your kids some manners. My siblings would NEVER have done that.

Anyway, the thought crosses my mind: what if they stepped on my beetle?? So I rush on over there.

He's on his back again. So I grab my ID card and try to flip him over. But he keeps just rolling around. Then I realize:

He's dead.


Then I leave.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Paranoia Towards Roses

Last night a terrible thing happened.

I had an allergy attack.

Doesn't that sound dreadfully dramatic? It was more like an allergy episode to be completely fair. I was awoken just a bit before noon (!!) with a phone call and my eyes were all swollen. The culprit is yet to be discovered. . .

Before I continue to lay out my suspicions for you regarding what caused this harrowing event, let me first say that I do not practice regularly waking up when half the day is already over. But I was up late. Reading blogs. Sheesh, it's addicting.

I was given roses which are in a vase in my room now. When I first awoke to the itchy agony I laid upon them the initial blame. I think that might fall in the category of 'paranoid' though.

So I will remain in the dark . . .

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

An Odd Fascination

Hello sunshine, the earth says hello!

Not really. It doesn't like you that much.

My blog entry today will be about different styles of kissing.

My good friend Miranda told me once that there are three different types of kissers: lippers, biters, and tonguers. And then I just decided to add 'slobberers.' This was not previously on the list because I had believe that this was the way ALL guys kissed. Well, and girls. Having never kissed a girl I wouldn't know exactly how that would go down. Granted, I haven't kissed many guys, but in my select experience I have always had to WIPE MY MOUTH because they couldn't keep their nasty saliva to themselves. Now, maybe this is just my extreme OCD neatness kicking in but I think that's just gross. As a result, I have never enjoyed kissing. Ew. My girl friends used to always joke that I'd be the type of person who got married and practiced abstinence my whole life because I was too grossed out by the 's' word. My guy friends said that I'd just never kissed a good kisser. Typical guy thing to say.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dearest, Darlingest

I SHOULD be doing homework. And I need to call my mom. And put some clothes on. But what they hey!

I was startled awake about an hour ago with a phone call. Definitely a good thing otherwise I probably would have slept clear until my class as three instead of just eleven. After we talked for a while I found myself reading random blogs and eating cookie dough. I LOVE COOKIE DOUGH!

This week was amazing!

Alright . . . I wrote the above about twelve hours ago and then decided that yes. I did need to be doing homework. So I saved it in a draft and went running. So much for homework.

I am exhausted!

The purpose of this blog was for me to be able to keep an incognito online diary. But I'm so sick of not using names. The gloves come off! I am no longer anonymous.

Enough for tonight. I have more to write but that'll come tomorrow. Entries that are too long will lose reader's attention. Especially when they are as dreadfully unamusing as this one is. However, it is awfully late and my attention is waning so I must go . . .